Saturday, June 19, 2010


More rockergrrrls local history. Pamela Mason fronted a slew of my assorted L.A. clients' bands in the Sunset Strip's Golden Age of Hair Metal (she fortunately sported her own Brigitte Bardot tresses that required no further extensions.) As one group would fold or retrench, another would scoop her up: she was that good a singer.

I photographed the solo session with the flowers and my antique velvet clothes as a nuptials present to her and fellow musician Mark Mason, giving framed prints to them. They wed on a remote mountain top in Malibu so treacherous that all us guests refused to motor up there on its burro trail-driveway and just walked.

I photographed her in She Rok, Touch and Misguided as shown here and lost track of her whereabouts after her last foray singing high-ranged but smoky-voiced covers of obscure Free songs in a blues combo. Rumors prevailed that Mark and she moved to a horse farm somewhere on the West Coast while maintaining a globe-trotting business of yacht sales. It's all true. Last night we finally caught up on the phone, and they're still radiantly happy. Are you readers in love with Pamela yet?
Below, Pamela singing for Touch, and in She Rok (with Mary Kay in the center, see her own amazing story HERE.) The Touch shot appeared instantly in Music Connection magazine the second the editors saw and practically drooled on it pre-publication when the print was first brought in (during the pre-digital era.) Me, I like the devil horns effect as well.

Pamela in Misguided (see HERE for more Misguided)

Lastly, here's a link for Mark and Pamela's yacht sales business that contains a current photo of her. She proves still very hubba hubba indeed.

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