Sunday, May 31, 2020


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The Gates, Central Park NYC 2005, installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude (photographer unknown.) R.I.P. Christo, who with wife Jeanne-Claude constructed huge outdoor, temporary art installations all over the world since 1962. I retain somewhat mixed emotions, since one of their 485 lb. art objects killed an onlooker in 1992 during a freak windstorm in the Tejon Pass here in SoCal, and another when the whole project was taken down. Art exists to make us happy or challenge our thinking: there's enough out there that can do us in. But one supposes that's the random law of averages at work regarding massive, heavy 3-D things of any sort. And their art always was public and intended to be out there, free, for all to enjoy like these beautiful textile "Gates" in Central Park...

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Left to right: poet/playwright Michael McClure, musicians Mike Watt and Ray Manzarek of The Doors at a spoken word performance by all three at McCabe's, Santa Monica, California in 1985. 

Rest in peace Michael McClure, who died today in Oakland CA from after effects of a stroke a year ago. He bridged Beats and Bay area hippies, with no little notoriety from his play "The Beard" in Hollywood, wherein he was arrested for obscenity every single night it was staged... 

Worthy obituary by Sam Whiting, plus fascinating photos all throughout the photogenic McClure's life, click LINK *

Monday, May 4, 2020



L-R: Al Teman , Leslie Knauer and Len Fagan,  4 years ago at a San Fernando Valley music club. 

3 years ago Len Fagan had suffered a devastating stroke, negating his speech and requiring extensive care thereafter. Irreparably weakened, he passed away yesterday from the CoVid virus.

Len, generous person, forward thinker, "fun dude," and a musician himself, was a very important personage in our local music scene as booking director of Hollywood's Coconut Teaszer from 1987 to 2000. 

The Teaszer was L.A.'s hard rock, punk, soul and metal personal clubhouse as well as go-to small venue. Its spacious outdoor patio meant that scenesters who wished to chat or gallivant loudly never competed with the acts inside. He once initiated a residency for P.J. Harvey there when hardly anyone on either side of the Atlantic knew who she was. My own photos of Bo Diddley and Ron Asheton were taken at the Teaszer as well as most all non-arena acts of that era, my clients or otherwise. The loss of this man leaves an irreplaceable void...

 Bo Diddley with Nancy Lucas at the Coconut Teaszer;  Ron Asheton at the Coconut Teaszer 1992.

THE DOGS at the Coconut Teaszer
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