Thursday, April 21, 2016


Rest in peace Prince who passed away today at age 57. I won't quote the obvious Shakespeare line, just express regret that another innovator has gone.

He appears in my photo with a custom microphone that resembled a handgun. His security that particular evening was exceptionally unkind to valid, credentialed press photographers like yours truly. Visual artists who want musical artists to be remembered in the best way possible are not damage control...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Happy Birthday Iggy Pop, survivor, icon, originator

Friday, April 1, 2016

DOUBLE DOG DARE! THE DOGS rock important 2016 gigs, with DR. BOOGIE and DRIVE LIKE JEHU


In preparation for their spring 2016 Mid-West Tour, singer/guitarist Loren Molinare, bassist Mary Kay and drummer Tony Matteucci a.k.a. THE DOGS played two important gigs in the L.A. vicinity. First came opening for Drive Like Jehu at the Echoplex, 2.28.1, then a power-packed gig with Dr. Boogie at The Redwood, 3.5.16.
At the former, this characteristically hardest rockin' band provided an energetic preamble to the reunion of noisemeisters Jehu, seen below at their sound check.
      The Dogs' set list:

The Dogs find a familiar appellation on a local storefront...
 Leslie Knauer of Diamond Star Halo, Naked Hand Dance an Precious Metal poses with Mary Dog who played bass in their past band together Kanary.

~~Meanwhile at the Redwood on 3.5.16~~
Tony Matteucci of THE DOGS and Luis Herrera of Dr. Boogie both attain Drum Nirvana...
The Dogs provoke their usual hardest rock/punk redux Detroit-style mayhem...

Left, guest photographer 
Donna Balancia captures 
your humble photojournalist
trying to clap for THE DOGS 
without damaging three cameras 
around her neck. Right, set list.

Dr. Boogie work up a sweat in both band and audience with singer Chris P. wailing their Stonesy/Faces/New Barbarians but sui generis hard rock. They highlighted some of the many cool tracks of their new release "Got To Get Back To New York City" and premiered new material to boot. They should be off on their East Coast tour by the time you read this.

 Left, glam-ish Gypsy Roller from San Jose; and Richmond Sluts' drummer, multi-instrumentalist John Tyree's newest in his panoply of fascinating groups Cheap Tissue opened, making for an all cool bands' lineup.

Jeremy White, lead singer of The Blessings with Mary Dog; Mary Dog and Loren Dog with Jimmy Robinson, producer of The Dogs' 1978 material. Since his move to New York and other parts unknown, they hadn't seen him since that time.

 Below, Tony Dog photobombs first shot with Mary and Jimmy

Above, Editor of California Rocker Donna Balancia, Vince Conrad, singer/producer Richard Duquay who has produced the recent Dogs' releases, Tony Dog.
Loren Dog and Tony Dog flank their merchandise person March Cachon.

Chris P. of Dr. Boogie backstage,"It's good to be king."
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