Thursday, January 16, 2020


Deluxe gift from my better half Mr.Twister after we returned from a daytrip to exotic Riverside Calif.: National Geographic Photojournalist Barbie, complete with periodical, Barbie-sized camera, and sidekick lion cub. I was thrilled at this surprise!!


 These first four photographs are by me; the remainder are fair usage by photographers not credited in online searches...
 Dragons and camels and musicians, oh my! Plus iridescent priests, hummingbirds, more dragons with peaches, designs inside and outside of Wedgwood Lustreware bowls designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, above. Even these modest examples are outstanding art, showing off the designer's lustrous cobalt blue glazes, gilt painting and idiosyncratic designs.

Daisy Makeig-Jones designs of Fairyland Lustreware plus dragon/hummingbird subjects for Wedgwood between 1911 and 1929 normally remain expensive propositions for collectors, with prices ranging up to $9,000 +.  I was happy to obtain these tiny, modest, less complex examples of her art for not a whole lot of lucre at all.

Most of her large, complex ceramics like punch bowls are in museums. It's amazing to note that even her most eccentric designs were a genuinely popular success for the Wedgwood company. This example below, arguably amongst her prettiest, features dragons munching on hapless fairies!

Above, an example of Makeig-Jones' own drawing template for production of "Candlemas"

 Below, Carlton Ware is a far less expensive British alternative to Wedgwood's Makeig-Jones esoteric creations, and their vintage items included their own Fairyland Lustre ware line as well. These are current (1.15.20) examples of Carlton Ware on eBay, Makeig-Jones wannabes from the Art Deco rather than Art Nouveau era, under $500, 
very pretty in their own right...

↑ Above, my own photo of a beautiful knock-off of Makeig-Jones' Fairyland Lustre Ware. In this case it's Art Deco, not Art Nouveau, and it's Wilton Ware Lustre in the same cobalt blue Japonism palette instead of Wedgwood. Most importantly, to obtain this little example of ceramic gorgeousness cost me approximately 1/10 of what a Makeig-Jones designed one would have cost on eBay. Affordable vintage beauty is out there, folks.
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