Saturday, September 19, 2009


I watched a short dvd of my 17-year-old self the other day, a student film made by my brother. It made me ponder the first passions of youth, all jumbled up in arrogance vs. insecurities, inexpressiveness despite all other exuberantly compulsive outpourings, and unrequited longing even in fulfillment. You're never going to see it via me, as my leading man (actually the Bane of my adolescence) and I are seen doing unseemly things.

So here are three romantic Youtube offerings, songs contemporary to that time encapsulating same. Note that even these skilled young songwriters occasionally sputtered with tongue-tied inarticulateness when confronting real feelings. Considering that my wild heart preferred hardest rock then and now, these three ballads really snared something in me. Special attention to masterful, psychological archaetypes of contemplative, adolescent love in the first one, sample lyrics, "...somewhere a mountain is moving, 'afraid it's moving without me...go ahead and find her, just close my eyes and she'll be there..." Ignore the graphics of the second two, turn up the sound, enjoy and recall your 17-year-old self in troubled love.

( sung here by Dusty Springfield, written by the Rascals)

Monday, September 7, 2009


photo (C) 1975 Heather Harris. A rehearsal (obviously, as Ms. Nicks did not perform onstage with her poodle dog) at the old Aquarius Theatre in Hollywood. Herbert Worthington took the eventual platinum LP band photos in the loo of same that day. By request, I expounded more on the circumstances of this photograph for the Stevie Nicks fan page, click HERE

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