Monday, September 16, 2019


These were from a 1928 book, "My Pets at The Maples" by my great-aunt Eva drawing and musing about her childhood animals in the 1890s. They included her brother/my grandfather's Borzoi (then called Russian Wolfhound) named Vodka, her pet raccoon who tried to ride him, her ponies, dogs, cats and assorted birds. The idyll of this rural reminisce of a Tennessee farm at the turn of the previous century was frequently broken by sad ends 
to the smaller pets, but overall, what a fun childhood she experienced...

This is the home in which my grandfather and his sister grew up. In the typical yin-yang of Southern Gothic, it burned to the ground the night his wife/my grandmother gave birth to their first child...
For more of the stories of these relatives and their times, go to LINK*, LINK** and LINK***.

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