Friday, June 16, 2017


 Gia wonders, "Who, me?"
Guest photographer © Sherry O'Connor. 
Yours truly and Bereton Tanager Gia 
at 6.4.17 classes for Scottish Deerhounds 
at the Kennel Club of Pasadena show.

Thursday, June 15, 2017



Dr. Boogie
ignite Alex's Bar in Long Beach, 6.2.17, back from their East Cast tour. They indeed substantiate my contention that the great bands always get better and better, with new material always adding something major to the mix. And they do. Anyone who's had opportunity yet hasn't seen this band live is sabotaging their own cultural well-being. Yeah, they're that good.

Meanwhile..."Brian Eno" circa 1972 Roxy Music ignites the dance floor at Alex's Bar. He  was dancing all night to his own personal velocity, and that's all I can tactfully say since I enjoyed the spectacle and don't want to get him into trouble, whoever he is...

And the next week, Dr. Boogie returned with a teerrific set as always to grace the stage
 at Cobraside Records' warehouse for a BBQ and jam for clients and friends. Other acts included Barrio Tiger, The Singles, Fatal Jamz and Jon Wahl.  

Dr. Boogie are Chris P., lead vocals, guitar; Dustin James, guitar, vocals; Luis Herrera, drums, vocals; Pat Salway, bass vocals.

Backstage (the Cobraside warehouse) found The Blessings' singer Jeremy White with denim overalls-clad Lisa Lee, rock and roll couturier Evita Corby, redheaded writer Terry Moreland Henderson, and your humble photojournalist.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


fair usage © 1971 Dominique Tarlè. All Rights Reserved.
 L-R: Anita Pallenberg, Dominique Tarlè (in mirror,) Keith Richards, Gram Parsons, Gretchen Parsons.

The end of an era in ultimate rock and roll consorts: word from the newswires that Anita Pallenberg passed away at the age of 73. I never met her, but my better half Mr. Twister cavorted with her, and with Mick Marianne and James and Andee the summer that Mick and James starred together in their film Performance

My non-degree of separation is that I fought HARD to get the above photograph for Sid Griffin's book, Gram Parsons: A Music Biography for which I did the Art Direction. Tarlè's photographs of the Rolling Stones' louche summer, 1971, in Nellcote, France to record Exile On Main Street weren't all that well known at the time of the book's writing, but Sid indeed found and paid the photographer for these shots I thought essential to explaining the country-rock connection between Keith and Gram. My reward came when a reviewer of this book claimed that this one photo spoke volumes about decadence that no words ever could approach. 

I'm also saddened at what her passing represents. This actress/model/muse/hellraiser frequently was deemed 'the woman who out-Keithed Keith.' As I noted in my review of Miss Pamela Des Barres' film about groupies (LINK)* "...What a shame that, as the decades rolled forth, the requirements for the position of rock star consort shifted away from diverse, vibrant, creative extroverts like these women into the current stasis that only 6'1" anorexics with multiple plastic surgeries i.e. international supermodels need apply."


Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 We attended a 5.5.17 reception at the Getty Museum, West Los Angeles held by BritWeek, the organization that promotes British talent in all the arts in California, film, fine art, fashion, music, what have you. There's a plethora here from which to choose. This occasion promoted the Getty's new photography exhibits of Thomas Annan, Scottish photographer of the late 1880s and the more modern Chris Killip's The Making of En Flagrante photo essays.

Above, what was actually a night shot  of Mr. Twister attending the BritWeek reception.
 Above, guest photographer © 2017 Kurt Ingham. Yours truly in a more nocturnal looking night shot. Below, another "night shot" variant of Mr. Twister.

I do not have the sharklike impulse to intrude papparazzo-esquely into the lives of the celebrated, particularly in confined spaces, but if I did the resultant photo would resemble my drawing herein: British fashion designer extraordinaire Zandra Rhodes all in fuschia inclusive of her coiffure, against the stark white, square elevator interior of the Getty Museum...
 My typical 'not bothering people' shot of some of reception invitees inside the Getty...

BritWeek's statement:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


↑ Guest photographer © 2017 Kurt Ingham.

Pop Obscure Records & Gallery (LINK) of downtown Los Angeles threw a well-attended reception for their exhibition of my 50 years of music photography on May 6, 2017. Above, Sherry Lee, co-owner (with Dustin Lane) of Pop Obscure Records & Gallery, Jeremy White of The Blessings who performed, and yours truly. The exhibition runs through June 18th.

Downstairs gallery↓

              ↑ Upstairs gallery with Mr. Twister in front of photos of himself,                           and Jonathan Lea, guitarist of amazing band the Jigsaw Seen. ↓
Downstairs record store with celebrated guitarist Whitey Kirst posing with Inger Lorre of The Nymphs, whose original lineup included Whitey's brother Alex. (Whitey and Alex then backed Iggy Pop as The Trolls until a hit and run driver killed Alex.)

On a far cheerier note, Inger said she had been influenced by Mr. Twister and his nasty lyrics in his band Chainsaw's first single, "Polaroid Pictures," and happily posed with him (with half of Dennis Davison of Jigsaw Seen in the background.)
↑ Jeremy White, Inger Lorre and Whitey Kirst
↑ Michelle Melody Fair, all of Dennis Davison of the Jigsaw Seen, Inger Lorre, Mr. Twister
Lead singer of Little Caesar Ron Young and wife Renee, Mr. Twister ↓
 ↑ Above, phenomenal singer/songwriter Ruby Friedman with Mr. Twister.
Guest photographer © Donna Balancia.

One of my favorite shots of the evening, Mr. Twister and me as on the job  photojournalists. Guest photographer © Donna Balancia

The Blessings (see LINK,) my band of choice, performed a characteristic great set in the latter half of the reception.
↓ The Peanut Gallery; i.e. the mezzanine, with enraptured audience. 
 In fact, a very full Pop Obscure Records event, both upstairs and down.

                                          ↓  Guest photographer © Carolyn Carradine

                Guest photographer © Leslie Knauer ↓
Guest photographer© Kurt Ingham ↓                                                            

The Blessings are Jeremy White, vocals, guitar, harmonica; Mike Gavigan, guitar; Lavonne Seetal, vocals, Jason Upright, drums; Jeffrey Howell, keyboards; Lights Out Levine, bass.
↑ Colleague Ellen Berman, self, Loren Molinare of The Dogs and Little Caesar. 
Guest photographer © Kurt Ingham

Below left, photographers Harrold Sherrick, Michael Eivaz, Shelley Mitchell and Ellen Berman. Right, Ruby Friedman's French Bulldog- "Get the lens, Clovis, get the lens!"

Whitey Kirst emerges from the shadows...

↓ Below left, Casey Niccoli with my shot of her with Perry Farrell and their dog Annie at a recording session for 1990 Hollyword spoken word compilation produced by Harvey Kubernik. Guest photographer © Ricky BiscuitsRight, Paula Tiberius, Julie Scher Molinare,
 Guest photographer © Donna Balancia

Alex Stiletto of Modern Kicks and Leslie Knauer of Precious Metal.
 Guest photographer © Donna Balancia

Self with Marijke Koger-Dunham, (fine artist, designer, The Fool) 
Guest photographer © Donna Balancia
Guest photographer © Alyson Camus

Chris Carradine (architect, Disney Imagineer,) Marijke Koger-Dunham, Mr. Twister, self
Guest photographer © Donna Balancia

Chris Carradine found an album by his brother! Shhhh...don't spoil the future gift surprise!

↓ Left, I do not stand on top of subjects as a matter or course: it's a skillful composite.
Guest photographer © Vicki Whicker ;  
Right, self, Katrina Melendez, Leslie Morrison. Guest photographer © Ellen Berman

 Ian O'Connor and Sherry O'Connor, 
Special Effects folks extraordinaire for films and television
↑ Ian, Sherry and an always dashing Mr. Twister
Guest photographer © Alyson Camus
↑ Sherry, Ian, self, Katrina Melendez, Crickette Oswald. Guest photographer © Alyson Camus

Lady and Lord Hailer, April Carson and Robert Mills of The Hailers.
Guest photographer © Donna Balancia.
↑ Emily Butler and Jeremy White

↓ Renee Young, colleague Michael Eivaz, California Rocker Editor Donna Balancia in foreground, in the background: Elyse Wyman, Rico Cardinale, Shelley Mitchell, Ron Young.

↓ Mr. Twister, self, Loren Molinaire
Guest photographer © Michael Eivaz
Photo ops of Whitey Kirst and Inger Lorre, Donna Balancia and Chris Carradine in background.
Guest photographer © Alyson Camus
  ↑ Holga Camera and her retinue; below, bits of exhibit

Sherry Lee and Dustin Lane, co-owners of Pop Obscure Records & Gallery
Thank you for a swell reception, Pop Obscure Records & Gallery and everyone!

One of my other fave pics of the evenings. Guest photographer © Leslie Morrison

 May 6th Prequel: Theatre date with Chris and Carolyn Carradine for Much Ado About Nothing performed by The Hobart Shakespeareans then dinner at Cole's, a vintage 1908 restaurant in downtown L.A. Vintage anything remains quite the rarity in L.A.  Selfies ensued.  Under the evening apparel I am sporting my naughty Klimt leggings with "the Hostile Powers" from his Beethoven Frieze.

Return to Forever Post Script: rock couturier Evita Corby, author Terry Moreland Henderson, musician/longtime friend Tripp Smythe and my mother were unable to attend the reception, so I gave them all a personal guided tour through the exhibit within the week afterwords.  Below, Evita stands nonchalantly next to my portrait of her with Rodney Bingenheimer taken at a 2011 art exhibit in the exact same building of the 1970s Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco, a favorite haunt of both subjects. (Seeing this shot, Mr. Twister remarked that Evita has mastered nonchalant...)
 ↑ My mother and Tripp share the same familial name of "Smythe"
guest photographer Terry Moreland Henderson ↓
Additional coverage of the opening night reception event via more objective P.O.V.s: 
California Rocker coverage: LINK*      
Rock NYC coverage: LINK*

Link to Pop Obscure Records & Gallery website:
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