Friday, March 2, 2018


Another punk rock-style riot in 1913 about music besides that of Stravinsky's premier of Rite of Spring*... Caricature of Vienna, March 31, 1913 concert by Schöenberg that actually lapsed into altercations within the audience of pro and anti-modernism. Program of Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Zemlinsky and Mahler. Except they never even got to the Mahler selection, too much violence...

* Rite of Spring in Disney's Fantasia

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Terrible shock this morning:
our friend Sally Stevens passed away last night from bronchial pneumonia, fallout from our exceptionally wretched 2017-18 influenza season. Sally was the sort of music biz person with whom you wish the whole field was populated, a genuine fan of rock and roll and an avid enthusiast of all the creative arts. 

Although we both were active in the local L.A. music biz from the late 1960s onward, I actually met her through our mutual love of fine art through her many posts of beautiful paintings on Facebook. She liked upbeat things. Her latest Facebook series was that of UPS drivers being greeted by exceedingly friendly dogs of all kinds.

She also knew music from both sides, both as a singer/songwriter/guitarist as well as publicist. Born and raised in England, she came of age during the influentual 1960s "Swinging London" era of cultural innovations, and with her great looks and smarts fit right in. (proof sheet upper left, photographer unknown.) These later served her well in her adopted home of the USA, where she was employed by Elektra-Asylum Records, RCA Records and others in the music field. Her world was that depicted below (photographer unknown) with clients and chums such as Jackson Browne and John Belushi during rock's most interesting eras- the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

Left, Sally with music writer Todd Everett at typical music biz function, in this case Jet Records, photographer unknown; right, Sally as performer herself in the 1970s, photographer unknown.
My 2014 color pic above  at the top is of Sally at our house, in front of a vintage oil painting of my better half Mr. Twister during his rock star days, based upon a promo photo of him by Norman Seeff.  She was displaying her vintage shirt designed by The Fool (see interview with Marijke Koger-Dunham, head artist of that design/art/music phenomenon LINK*) which was worn on the opening night of The Beatles' Apple Boutique in London, 1967, which she attended. Sally's life intersected with as many important cultural touchstones as interesting people. She will be missed by a huge amount of the latter...


Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Great news, LITTLE CAESAR is on the loose again at full speed. With my studio portrait now they're all set for the first of their 2018 international tour schedule! Feb. 21, 2018 kicks off the U.K. segment. And a new album! Click LINK* for details.  Above, L-R: 
Loren Molinaire, Mark Tremalgia, Ron Young, Pharoah Berrett and Tom Morris.   

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Rest in peace Hugh Masekela, South African trumperter extraordinaire, seen here with Chris Hillman of The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Johnny Rivers at the tribute to Mario Maglieri at the latter's longtime venue The Whisky A Gogo.

Once wed to singer Meriam Makeba, Masekela fought hard against his native country's horrid apartheid policies. He came to the U.S. in 1967, played solos on hit records like The Byrds' "So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star" and appeared in the Monterey Pop Festival film as a featured performer.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Fire update 12.9.17-- The fires in the Sylmar/Lake View Terrace area of L.A. labeled "the Creek Fire" has burned 15,000 acres as of today.  All the horses at my horse's boarding stable including my horse Indy were evacuated on December 5th, then their evac stable itself had to be evacuated that same day as well. Since L.A. has a paucity of horse zoning places (less than 2% of the entire Los Angeles basin from Antelope Valley to Orange County,) this led to a disapora of horses trucked to hither and yon. 

For 12 hours I didn't know where he was. Now he's with his pasture buddy in someone's arena, safe and cared for. Meanwhile... his dressage barn facilities burned to the ground with Indy's tack with it. No matter, I am grateful he is safe. Much of the large, high-end, flagship facility south of us of which our stable used to be a part, Middle Ranch is gone as well although their horses are safe too. The facility north of us, Padilla Ranch suffered the deaths of 30 horses who perished in the fire.
Above, all ashes and ruins, photo by Tricia Hamilton, the trainer who, along with Kiley Lampier, saved all of our horses while the fires were blazing around them.
↓ Below is a screen capture from trainer Stacie Wight's video assessing the fire damage at our stable. Hers happily was okay.
 Below, more fire devastation of our formerly forested riding trails...

 ↓ Here is my horse Indy in the beautiful arena which is his temporary bivouac during fire evacuation. He is a tad nervous but happy with one of his pasture buddies, and I am grateful he is safe..
  ↓ Me riding Indy on trail and in a show during much happier times. He's a grey pinto, which means the darker parts of his coloring have lightened over the years. He is 23, and I've had him for 20 years. He was Sport Horse of the Year in 2002 for Dressage in his National Show Horse Registry of the whole American Horse Show Association, mainly due to his trainer (Christy Monfort pictured with Indy in the last photo at bottom) riding him in the one year I could afford to have him shown...

 On the radio news yesterday, I heard a news conference with one of the L.A. Fire Dept. chiefs saying, "I've heard 'no loss of life' mentioned today and that's not correct. A lot of horses died. The L.A. Fire Dept. believes that all lives are worth our saving."

This LINK* shows the neighboring, high-end flagship stables Middle Ranch consumed by flames. Where my horse boards now used to be part of it.


Monday, November 20, 2017


Nov. 2, 2017 at Los Globos club, Silverlake/Hollywood area Calif. rocketing all the way from the tombs of  Cleveland OH, hardcore punk rockers FYPM (acronym for Fuck You Pay Me, the Goodfellas homily) are Tony Erba, impassioned vocals, peripatetic stage travel and audience diving, Aaron Dowell, guitar, Alex Balmer, bass, Steve Callahan, drums in action! 

They tour the hellholes of the U.S. annually, and anyone who gets a chance to see this band immediately is ecstatic that he or she did. Clevo hardcore continues its allure: FYPM were VERY well received...

Friday, November 17, 2017


 Livia the new Borzoi puppy at 4 months old, Gia the 3 year old Scottish Deerhound and Sarabelle the ancient Golden Retriever


Just a pumpkin and a triceratops for Halloween...

Friday, October 20, 2017


Inger Lorre played famed Venice CA culture depot Beyond Baroque 9.23.17 with her Nymphs' bandmates TJ Rauch on guitar and percussionist/drummer Eric Contreras. Whereas her set of Nymphs' classics and newer solo original material remained a predictably excellent caliber, it proved a strange gig...

...which was illustrated far worse in the warmup set by legendary local Tequila Mockingbird (shrugging below left.) She had attempted to provide ambient music with her synthesizer, but no sound was heard. Luckily her masked Theremin player (below right) remained fully audible.

In the case of Inger's set, her lead vocals microphone wasn't heard as well. Fortunately for the patient audience, her strong voice singing of powerful emotions carried well into the venue, and the guitarist and percussionist followed through in adjusting their own volumes. Strange to deny the lead performer of both acts any audio whatsoever. We all were told later that the sound person had gone home at 9 p.m. for the 10 p.m. performance...

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Jack Rivera solo last night at Molly Malone's as part of the International Pop Overthrow Los Angeles fête: cool blues & pop!
The International Pop Overthrow Festival lured songbird Arwen Lewis and dad Peter Lewis (yes, legendary singer/guitarist of Moby Grape fame) sporting their new moniker The Yellin' Bells to the stage of Molly Malone's back on 8.1.17. Father and daughter both remain such strong singer/guitarists that play beautifully off one another, so this set of classic Grape fare plus newer originals predictably sounded fantastic. 

Also on hand, another formidable singer/guitarist Carla Olson (of The Textones and various superior duet albums with onetime Rolling Stone Mick Taylor and the late Byrd Gene Clark) joined in to jam. Moby Grape songs haven't sounded this hot since their inception in the mid-1960s! 

Many artists played the Fête on assorted nights, but I was fortunate to catch this act just before the Yellin' Bells: legendary producer/musician Jack Rivera doing a fine solo turn. Quite the local legend for his stint in the Stains and notoriety as a great purist Hard Pop producer, Rivera initially had been introduced to me by his clients Dr. Boogie (LINK*) whose singer/guitarist Chris P. lauded him as "the person from whom I learned everything useful, like you can be out there musically as long as you remember to have hooks." Playing solo since his current band did not remain sufficiently healthy to gig, he offered a skillful set of self-accompanied originals.

Our next encounter with The Yellin' Bells and their talented chum Carla Olson erupted at Skinny's Lounge on Sept. 3, 2017 wherein the club apparently forgot to turn on any onstage illumination. Nonetheless, the crowd predictably was treated to quite a cool set.  The Yellin' Bells remain: Peter Lewis, Arwen Lewis, George Adrian, Nick Babishoff, and John Collinson.

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