Tuesday, August 30, 2016


  THE DOGS ! ↓  
A night of muscular Detroit-style hardest rock from THE DOGS and The Superbees at El Cid Club 7.30.16! Current music audiences now realize THE DOGS remain one of the best bands ever be it Detroit, Hollywood or the world, and must be seen and heard.  Click for a lot more DOGS lore, as I've photographed this great band (who began in 1968 in Detroit!) since 1985 : LINK*
                                Kicking out the jams, THE DOGS, from left: Mary Kay, Loren Molinare, Tony Matteucci; below left, compatriot jams-kickers The Superbees Dave James perfects his sneer, and fellow Bee Lights Out Levine, right.

The Superbees are Dave James, guitar, vocals, Scott Carlson, guitar, 
Lights out Levine, bass, Tom Hernandez, drums

Rock and roll couturier Evita Corby with Jeremy White, lead singer of another of L.A.'s best bands (ever), The BLESSINGS see LINK**
Below, Tim Henderson and Terry Moreland Henderson; longtime Hollywood music biz professionals and chums Evita and Terry.

 Above and below: an unusual reunion-- Loren Dog and Mary Dog hadn't seen Tim Henderson for about 35+ years! Tim formerly was in The Pop, one third of the Radio Free Hollywood cooperative with The Dogs and The Motels who four-walled venues for their own shows in proto-punk mid-1970s L.A. These groundbreaking and well-attended gigs forced Sunset Strip club owners to pay attention to unsigned acts, which hitherto had been barred. DIY Punk freedom fighters!

Below, Duffy Snowhill and Jeremy White of THE BLESSINGS have a spot of fun...

*link for THE DOGS:  http://fastfilm1.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Dogs
**link for THE BLESSINGS: http://fastfilm1.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20Blessings

Friday, August 12, 2016


Above, Catherine James, Pamela Des Barres, Mercy Peters and Juju Sorelli, proprietor of The Evil Rock 'n' Roll Cat boutique, 4679 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90027, site of a book reading by the first three ladies, 7.16.16.

Legendary rock music muses Catherine James, 
Pamela Des Barres and Mercy Peters (the latter two of the legendary GTOs singing/performance art troupe of the late 1960s who released an album on Frank Zappa's label) answered audience questions and read from their respective books, James' Dandelion: Memoir of a Free Spirit, and Des Barres' I'm With The Band plus Take Another Little Piece of my Heart, with Miss Mercy reading from assorted diaries and articles.

My review of Catherine James book can be found within here, click LINK* as well as a bit more about Pamela Des Barres film directing and the oeuvre her art entails.

Back to The Evil Rock 'n' Roll Cat

 Left, Catherine James;
right, Pamela
Des Barres

 Left, Lucky Otis, son 
of Miss Mercy and scion of the Johnny Otis dynasty, entertained with a well played and sung blues set; right, The Evil Rock 'n' Roll Cat proporietor Juju Sorelli takes it all in.
I was surprised not to see our mutual friend, photographer Brad Elterman at this event.

Juju Sorelli's expat success story is entertaining in and of itself. Go for Vogue Magazine's article on her here LINK**.

Her boutique resembles a pop culture mini-museum as much as a clothing store. Note some of her store posters: 

 Literary merchandise for sale:

L-R: Rock and roll couturier Evita, Catherine James who read from her book Dandelion, writer Terry Moreland Henderson practicing her Susanna Hoffs' sidelong glances, and a fan who drove for two hours with her husband to see this event.

Outside the Juju Sorelli boutique book-reading event, right to left: Catherine James, rock and roll couturier Evita and a friend of Miss Mercy named Ruth, all three ladies stylin'! 

** http://www.vogue.com/13436994/evil-rock-n-roll-cat-juju-sorelli-clothes/

Thursday, August 11, 2016


I hadn't known that the vintage brand Sinclair Oil was back in the present tense, nor that dinosaurs did selfies...


 Mr. Twister at the Swiss Fair, 7.31.16; 
 a Bernese Mountain Dog;
 toes shoe;
 hapless William Tell's son as apple target practice with a crossbow...


 Had my horse not been safely returned to his boarding stable with no more threat from the Sand Fire, we probably wouldn't have traveled north to the annual Lompoc CA dog shows with its large Scottish Deerhound contingent in the Western Sighthound Specialty. But he was, so we went. Above via guest photographer Harriet King: dogs Bereton Tanager Gia (Scottish Deerhound) and Sarabelle (Golden Retriever); humans: Lesa Scribner Newbitt, breeder, co-owner and handler for Gia, yours truly, and my better half Mr. Twister pose at Lompoc. July 29, 30, 2016.
Herein, Gia and Lesa are                 
reacquainted, and Gia zeros in on 
her preference for string cheese
or scones as her bait of choice in 
the show ring, see below. 
 Third of three to older dogs in Bred by Exhibitor both days, but who cares. We had a great time seeing old friends, new friends, and attending the raucous Golden State Deerhound Club banquet and Deerhound fine art and swag raffle.

Below, this is a picture of perfection-- "Lucy," (CH. Belisarius Jp My Sassy Girl,) the Champion Borzoi from Japan who has won more shows than any other bitch. You saw her on tv at Westminster, Reserve Best in Show. Lompoc 7.30.16. Handler is Valerie Nunes-Atkinson. Lucy's adorable human family with their mind-bogglingly cute 3-year-old daughter have become as much mascots to the Sighthound world as Lucy has...

Below, guest photographer Harriet King captures us; playdate pals Sherry O'Connor with Gia and her Borzoi Diego, Borzoi Quinn and Ian O'Connor out camera range.


 News photo, photographer uncredited.
Notation from 7.23.16:
1:11 a.m. and I'm waiting to hear if my horse has to be evacuated from the Sand Canyon Fire. I don't have a horse trailer nor vehicle that can handle same, so it's more complicated than with most horse owners boarding where we do...

Notation from 7.23.16: 1:43 a.m. 
Fire progressed more rapidly overnight than expected and the power to boarding stable went out, so in the understandable confusion my horse was evacuated by a trainer along with those of her clients. I know where he is at least (nearby Hansen Dam Equestrian Center, on the other side of the freeway. Fires tend not to jump 10-lane major freeways, as there is nothing on them to burn.)

Notation from 7.23.16: 9:43 a.m. 
What began as a half acre fire yesterday afternoon has spread to 5,000 acres overnight due to our 110F weather heat wave, Santa Ana (hot desert) winds and severe desiccation of the landscape in our 5 year drought. Fire season normally is September, so this is way early. All of the roads to my horse's boarding stable now are closed. I am going to check on his welfare at the facility to which he was evacuated last night at 1:30 a.m. Yes, Santa Clarita, Lake View Terrace, Sunland, Sylmar and Acton are all Los Angeles proper, despite our myriad place names. "Paradise," eh?
Los Angeles Fire Dept.'s own maps, Sand Fire 7.24.16. "X" marks our boarding stable.
Below, "cross" under fire marks our location of horses' evacuation. These maps show the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, also showing northeast portions like Santa Clarita and the Angeles National Forest (site of the terrible 200,000 acre Station Fire 4 years ago) with the San Gabriel mountain ranges.
 Notation on the day of the above maps, 7.24.16: The 22,000 acre (or 34 square miles) fire here indeed has shifted as of last night and has now burned to about 3 miles from the now evacuated ranch where my horse normally is boarded. It's bad, folks. (Our own home is not near this area.) 900 firefighters are here, embattled, and the hot, dry, windy weather compounded by 5 years of severe drought has made containment quite difficult.

Views of the fire's smoke covering the entire San Fernando Valley as seen from our home which was not in the fire's path, and  and from a freeway.

The Sand Fire eventually required 3,000 firefighters, burned 43,000 acres, destroyed 18 homes and killed one person. Arson suspected. My horse was safely evacuated with the other boarding stable horses and safely relocated to his home after the fires were extinguished. Thank you to a whole bevy of caring people at the stable who saved all of our horses, no horse left behind. One of the rescuers and I were interviewed on local news radio, since it was a historically large evacuation of over one thousand horses and lots of people as well.

Left, sporting his flymask, Indy is seen in his temporary evacuation stall, complaining! The horses gradually were returned to their stable home (smallish trailers, lots of trips.) When put in the exercise turnout corral of his home digs, Indy ran and ran and ran and ran.... My horse pictured in happier days:

By the by, this entire area of horse-zoning (less than 2% of the whole SoCal basin) is slated to be destroyed forever by the impending High Speed Rail construction. California voters actually mandated that it follow existing transportation corridors like freeways, but instead HSR jacked up the costs by billions to send their route tunneling under Federal parkland mountains, right through the last affordable horse-owning zoning here. California officials and HSR employees have ignored taxpayers, homeowners, horse owners and veterinarians'' evidence and testimonials, with HSR claiming that a screaming 400 mph bullet train hurtling next to horses and riders will have no effect whatsoever.  Ridding Los Angeles of its last affordable horse-owning sector will open the northeast corridor to mega-density development, and mega-billionaire developers seem to control all of California governance these days. And we noted the Los Angeles Fire Dept.'s own suspicion of arson, perchance to clear the way?

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