Sunday, December 11, 2022

Rest in peace CHRISTINE McVIE

photos © 1975, 1994 Heather Harris. Rest in peace singer/songwriter/keyboard player/fine artist Christine McVie, nee Perfect. Seen at left in both my photos, a 1975 rehearsal at the Aquarius Theatre with then new lineup with Buckingham/Nicks; 1994 performance at the Universal Amphitheatre, another venue that is no more. According to today's New York Times, "...she died at a hospital but did not specify its location. The statement also did not give the cause of her death. In June, Ms. McVie told Rolling Stone that she was in 'quite bad health' and that she had endured debilitating problems with her back."
What little contact i had with her she seemed like a nice person who nonetheless was no pushover. She was a major freedom fighter by being A MUSICIAN rather than a female musician, always deserving of respect for her work, solo or with Chicken Shack or Fleetwood Mac. I explain to my harder rocker pals that she sold millions of records because her soft rock songs were never formulaic, were always catchy, and were always identifiable as her work.
Below, front cover art of Fleetwood Mac's "Kiln House" album painted by Christine McVie. She formally would join the band on the album after this, "Future Games" in 1971. Fleetwood Mac's discography, starting in 1968, consists of 18 studio albums, 9 live albums, 23 compilation albums, 1 EP, and 62 singles.
                                May be an illustration
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