Sunday, April 30, 2017

RUBY FRIEDMAN ORCHESTRA live at The Study 3.29.17

Ruby Friedman Orchestra, 3.29.17 at The Study, Hollywood. Amongst the plethora of good talent here, Los Angeles hosts two world class female singer/songwriters of indisputable greatness, Leslie Knauer of Precious Metal and Ruby Friedman of the Ruby Friedman Orchestra. Both specialize in all out emotion, but Ms. Friedman's smolders in as much darkness as celebratory revelations, intoning "I'm not your friend, I've killed a man..."

The venue was an old Art Deco, library-designed space repurposed for DJs and dancing, hence the odd lighting. But the evening featured new RFO bandmembers cutting loose, new songs from their release "Gem" and a whole lotta emotion emanating from onstage...

Ruby Friedman Orchestra is Ruby Friedman, vocals extraordinaire; Aubrey Richmond, violin; Nicholas Allen Johns, acoustic guitar; Topher Mohr, bass; Colin McGuinness, electric guitar, Craig Mcintyre, drums, and Robert Bundst Victor, keyboards.
   ←Art Deco ceiling...


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


   At Sunday's 2017 British Car Show: Mr. Twister in learned conversation beside Lotus Super Seven, automobile of Patrick McGoohan's #6 in The Prisoner.
                                        a "bug-eyed" Austin Healey Sprite says, "Smile!"

                                     a very small child with his or her own Mini

                          Vincent Black Shadow beloved of guitarist Richard Thompson
                                 and more...

Below, left to right: Mr. Twister,  yours truly, Carolyn and Chris Carradine, guest photographer: Rico Cardinale.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Rest in peace Mick Lynes, musician and gentleman, gone too soon...It happened within this last week, I know not the causes. Canadian born "Long Tall Mick" the Gypsy rocker was performing in his home town of London U.K. up to 2016 and posting on Facebook until Apr. 2, 2017 (I recently had shared one his video finds of female Iranian musicians, see LINK*...) Also on FB one of his many friends, this one named 'Captain Canada' summarized appropriately, "RIP Mick Lynes, you did fine!"

Click LINK** about one of his 2013 gigs at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles, and enjoy the video below of his performance of his song "Rocket Star"***

Monday, April 3, 2017


Austrian or German Jugendstil (about 1890 - 1910) jewelry, 
sort of post-Art Nouveau, proto-Art Deco

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