Tuesday, May 31, 2016



2016's British Car Show in Woodley Park in Balboa Park, San Fernando Valley, L.A. capped a fun-filled weekend with  show by The Motels and The Hailers (LINK to come) on 5.20.16, my better half Mr. Twister's birthday on 5.21.16 and the BritCars on 5.22.16. Top pic, a Jaguar, left hood ornament, a Daimler; right, a pewter grey Triumph Stag, a great personal favorite for its impeccable styling.                              See pic below, guest photographer © 2016 Kurt Ingham.
 Below, the enormously long 1982 Aston Martin Lagonda, beloved of some Jame Bonds...

Above, canine BritCar enthusiasts, and a B-17 visitor from nearby airshow.


Carroll Shelby invades Britain or at least an air filter...

Below, encountering friends: top pic, Rico Cardinale, Cricket Oswald, Mr. Twister, George Oswald; bottom pic, Mr. Twister, Ian O'Connor, Sherry O'Connor

All on a beautiful Spring morning to enjoy (Mr. Twister's garden below)...
(before Hell's inferno of climate changed 100F+ degrees for 5 months descends)

Saturday, May 28, 2016



 Wanna hear something wonderful and brand spankin' new via music by James Williamson, guitarist of Iggy and The Stooges, and Lisa Kekaula, volcanic vocalist of The BellRays? Go to LINK. 

Better still purchase the single, with its photo by Anne Tek and graphic design by Joel Pelletier and me when it's released come July 17, 2016, on 45 single vinyl. All proceeds from this record will benefit Project Hawai'i which helps homeless children in Hawaii.  

Kekaula previously sang for Williamson's Re-Licked solo album and live onstage performance (see LINK and LINK, both amazing!) Both sides of this 45 are so strong in such different ways--gentle A side, balls out rocker B side-- hence our differentiation of art themes. Below, Lisa and James in the studio recording Re-Licked music.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Everyone loves THE MOTELS as well they should. After all Martha Davis and her Motels accomplished a rare feat, given their pedigree. From their beginnings as a bonafide punk band, part of the Radio Free Hollywood consortium with The Dogs and The Pop (click LINK) in mid-1970s Los Angeles that battled the disco-obsessed mainstream music biz, The Motels persisted through their own corporate coupling and produced genuine radio hits like "Suddenly Last Summer," "Only The Lonely" and "Take The L" to acquire a longtime, devoted fan base as seen at The Canyon Club, Malibu/Agoura Hills on

One and all witnessed that Martha has kept her unique, appealingly pleading voice and all her performing passions intact. This is far more important than may first appear. 
A choice to be as emotional a performer in 2016 as, say, Maria Callas as Medea in 1957 is out of step in today's focus-group-bland-formula 2016, and just as transgressive as her punk beginnings. But it pays off bigtime. Marty Jourard on keyboards and saxophone remains the only other original Motel in this lineup, but it's a moot point. 90 minutes with Martha Davis and The Motels circa now is time well spent.

And everyone loves THE HAILERS, at least everyone who's had the good fortune to have seen them live.  This was a great double bill, as The Hailers play lush, album-oriented-radio-friendly rock with their own idiosyncratic touches, hallmark of The Motels as well. Pairing a known charted artist with its equivalent local band is always a good thing for audiences and local scenes alike. 

The Hailers' main vocalists, Lord and Lady Hailer are real-life couple, Welsh guitarist Robert Mills and L.A. bassist April Carson, formerly of The Wild Hairs and Misguided. There are usually quite a lot of Hailers onstage at any given time, resulting in a full, rock-symphonic sound of their worthy songs.

For more info on The Motels, click LINK; for more info on The Hailers click LINK.


There were brilliant promotional graphics (designer unknown) befitting a brilliant show that paired two great acts known as much for exciting onstage delivery as their punk pedigrees, THE DOGS and THE STREET WALKIN' CHEETAHS.

Cafe Nela hosted this notable double bill on 4.29.16. THE DOGS--Loren Molinare, vocals, guitar; Mary Kay, bass, vocals; Tony Matteucci, drums, vocals--in action, Detroit-style hardest rock at its finest:
R.e. the set list: THE DOGS' "Ain't Goin' Nowhere" has been broadcast repeatedly on Rodney Bingenheimer's Rodney On The ROQ radio show in the major media market of Hollywood.

↨That night's Street Walkin' Cheetahs' antics:  
Above, Frank Meyer eating a beer can while strolling through the crowd and...
...handing his guitar to an audience member to play, who did a far better job than when a guitarist at a Malibu Colony private home jam foisted his axe on me during "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and blithely instructed "It's in 'A'..." while he left the building entirely. No, I don't play guitar in the slightest.

The Street Walkin' Cheetahs remain: Frank Meyer, guitar, vocals; Bruce Duff, guitar; Dino Everett, bass; Mike Sessa, drums.

1134 Films co-founders/directors Chris and Jeff Speed note Mary Dog's close personal interaction with fans backstage.

Donna Balancia, Editor of California Rocker and Loren Dog

 Above, Krista Wood and Mary Dog outside the club,
...and lastly, self-appointed Todd Somers turned into the superhero Merchandise Marketing Man, adding The Dogs' profits enormously.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A Gogo, Hollyood CA hosts brilliant ideas to pack Tuesday nights, a traditionally slow one for clubs: #1, it's all ages and free! No cover! Zilch! and #2, since our locale is home to so many musicians of all calibers of talent and fame, why not invite whichever locals who aren't on tour rock the Whisky in whatever configurations they wish?

And rock they did, quite massively and with metal edge, on 4.26.16 in a bisected evening of hard rock and a full scale tribute to Prince, who had sadly passed away the week before (LINK.) The evening's compere was Jesse Blaze Snider, oldest spawn of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, with Dad joining in the jams unannounced to belt out "We're Not Going To Take It" (of course) and AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" with his son. Wowza! It proved a warm family moment as well as exciting music.

Granted, the presence of broadcast network newsmobiles out front should have been a tip off, but all one could spot were their interviews with Gilby Clarke, longtime guitarist of Guns N'Roses post-Izzy Stradlin's departure. The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" and AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" were his solo offerings.

 One of the major draws of the evening, Little Caesar performed what was as close to a set as the jams allowed, with three cool songs including their chart hit back in the Geffen daze, a cover of "Chain Of Fools" joined by the amazing Prince Tribute singers.

  Little Caesar are Ron Young, vocals; Loren Molinare, guitar; Tom Morris, drums, Paharoah Barrett bass and debuting guitarist Alex Kane, formerly of the Richie Ramone Band. This gig served as warmup for the European tour they embarked on within days.

Intermission entr'acte was the exotic dance stylings of Suzie Malone.

Ultimate Jam Night's Tribute to Prince may have been the best moments that UJN ever will serve up. Amazing singers normally found backing top names in music like Elton John, Rod Stewart, Madonna or Shakira were giving their all to do right by Prince. Note the sincere emotions evinced in so many of these performers. 
Kudison Kai began the second half of the evening  with her cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U" that overpowered Sinead O'Connor's version with strong as well as vulnerable vocals.

"Nothing compares..."             "...nothing compares..."                          ...to you." 

Militia Vox, normally found fronting Judas Priestess performed a properly salacious "Let's Go Crazy" replete with emulation of going down on the guitar.
 Right, Eric Dover (Slash's Snake Pit, Jellyfish) teased the  crowd through his "Little Red Corvette."

"Goddess!" exclaimed Little Caesar's Alex Kane when describing Debby Holiday, who presented the combo of fabulous vocals and stunning looks for her take on the famously licentious"Darling Nikki."
Debby singing with Jason Joseph of SuperSoul Monday who also soloed "Beautiful Ones"

 American Idol cutie Hunter Taran Larsen had the moxie to follow these performers with her sassy take on "Kiss."

Of course the show's closer was "Purple Rain" with everyone back onstage!
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