About Heather

Heather Harris' photographs have been featured in MOJO, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, Rock & Folk, Hits, Creem, Music Connection, Warner Brothers, A&M/Almo, Penguin Books and St. Martins Press amongst many others.  She has photographed covers for New York Times top ten best-selling books, has enjoyed several exhibitions of her photographic work in Hollywood, has provided still photography for Warner Bros. television advertising and for assorted films and video productions, plus has garnered awards for music books that were designed, photographed and written by her. Ms. Harris hunkers in a 100-year-old farmhouse improbably still in the middle of a high-density megopolis in Southern California with her better half Mr. Twister, former lead singer of Christopher Milk and Chainsaw. Her hobbies encompass equine and canine activities. Heather personally was thanked in the book Fucked Up and Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement.
Below, Heather with Twister; James Williamson (photo by Kurt Ingham;) Ray Manzarek, Scott Richardson, Ron Asheton; and the Great Pyramid, Egypt.

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