Monday, December 9, 2019


I am distressed to learn of the passing of actor Renè Auberjonois, whom we met with mutual friends who brought him to see the Hobart Shakespeareans (LINK*) annual Shakespeare play, performed expertly by Rafe Esquith's fifth graders who understood and conveyed the material perfectly, hence Rene's interest as a Juilliard professor of acting.

And I love his quotation that he continually did the Sci Fi convention circuit to raise money for the charity Doctors Without Borders. The photo above shows the actor as Edgar, son of Gloucester, in a 1974 PBS televised production of King Lear, James Earl Jones in the title role. Auberjonois always could disappear into his roles, despite having a unique, recognizable face.

I hadn't known of this fine actor's lineage before today's online obituaries. Renè was descended from Joachim Napoléon Murat, King of Naples, King of Sicily, formerly Grand-Duke of Berg and Kleve, and his wife Marie Annonciade Caroline Bonaparte, sister of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France.

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