Thursday, April 1, 2010


photo (C) Heather Harris.
Once upon a time I heard a rock anthem so epic it should be considered in the same breath with "Layla," so impressive was this song "Memento Mori" in its scope, emotion and crescendo of guitar and vocal power. Unless its author sells it to a movie, this song won't be heard by the general public. But at least you can still hear the current work of its writer Jan King, one of rock's premier singer/songwriter/guitarists via her new ensemble in Chicago, Medicine Ball.

Jan is sitting in the middle of the above comely coven in my photo taken about a decade and a half ago of one of her many quality rock groups, Crying Blue Sky with bassist Mary Kay (of The Dogs) on the right and Tammi Peden who stills drums with Jan on the left. Her other notable bands were The Orchids with Che Zuro amongst other female musicians, Puss n' Boots and Shrieking Violet. Relocating to Chicago from L.A., she's all business now with power/blues trio Medicine Ball, well documented on their own sites


Anonymous said...

There are a few songs that Jan did, that will be a shame if they don't ever get out. Hearts Desire from The Crying Blue Sky days,and Tough For You from Puss'n'Boots are a couple of personal Favs.

Fast Film said...

And the Puss n'Boots song with the chorus "I got the want, I got the need." Jan's an amazing combo of talents. But "Memento Mori" is one of the finest songs I've ever heard from any artist, any time.

Thanks for your input.

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