Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A Gogo, Hollyood CA hosts brilliant ideas to pack Tuesday nights, a traditionally slow one for clubs: #1, it's all ages and free! No cover! Zilch! and #2, since our locale is home to so many musicians of all calibers of talent and fame, why not invite whichever locals who aren't on tour rock the Whisky in whatever configurations they wish?

And rock they did, quite massively and with metal edge, on 4.26.16 in a bisected evening of hard rock and a full scale tribute to Prince, who had sadly passed away the week before (LINK.) The evening's compere was Jesse Blaze Snider, oldest spawn of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, with Dad joining in the jams unannounced to belt out "We're Not Going To Take It" (of course) and AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" with his son. Wowza! It proved a warm family moment as well as exciting music.

Granted, the presence of broadcast network newsmobiles out front should have been a tip off, but all one could spot were their interviews with Gilby Clarke, longtime guitarist of Guns N'Roses post-Izzy Stradlin's departure. The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" and AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" were his solo offerings.

 One of the major draws of the evening, Little Caesar performed what was as close to a set as the jams allowed, with three cool songs including their chart hit back in the Geffen daze, a cover of "Chain Of Fools" joined by the amazing Prince Tribute singers.

  Little Caesar are Ron Young, vocals; Loren Molinare, guitar; Tom Morris, drums, Paharoah Barrett bass and debuting guitarist Alex Kane, formerly of the Richie Ramone Band. This gig served as warmup for the European tour they embarked on within days.

Intermission entr'acte was the exotic dance stylings of Suzie Malone.

Ultimate Jam Night's Tribute to Prince may have been the best moments that UJN ever will serve up. Amazing singers normally found backing top names in music like Elton John, Rod Stewart, Madonna or Shakira were giving their all to do right by Prince. Note the sincere emotions evinced in so many of these performers. 
Kudison Kai began the second half of the evening  with her cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U" that overpowered Sinead O'Connor's version with strong as well as vulnerable vocals.

"Nothing compares..."             "...nothing compares..."                          ...to you." 

Militia Vox, normally found fronting Judas Priestess performed a properly salacious "Let's Go Crazy" replete with emulation of going down on the guitar.
 Right, Eric Dover (Slash's Snake Pit, Jellyfish) teased the  crowd through his "Little Red Corvette."

"Goddess!" exclaimed Little Caesar's Alex Kane when describing Debby Holiday, who presented the combo of fabulous vocals and stunning looks for her take on the famously licentious"Darling Nikki."
Debby singing with Jason Joseph of SuperSoul Monday who also soloed "Beautiful Ones"

 American Idol cutie Hunter Taran Larsen had the moxie to follow these performers with her sassy take on "Kiss."

Of course the show's closer was "Purple Rain" with everyone back onstage!

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