Monday, May 9, 2016

LESLIE KNAUER AND AL TEMAN LIVE 4.23.16, Maui Sugar Mill Bar

Leslie Knauer, (left) vocalist, songwriter (past groups Precious Metal and Kanary, see LINK and LINK) with her soulmate Al TeMan (right) of their current bands Naked Hand Dance and Diamond Star Halo played a rare gig at Maui Sugar Mill Bar, Reseda, in the Valley sector of L.A. 4.23.16.

Leslie is a world class singer, so even their opener of a wacky Roger Miller cover sounded more polished than it deserved to. But the set really takes flight with selections from Leslie's vast repertoire of amazing, original songs which better showcase her soaring vocals. The room filled immediately with the stragglers waylaid outside. Percussionist Scott Breadman rounded out the trio.

 Left, Leslie's typically ebullient stage manner; right, also on the bill, a Greek singer from band appropriately named Electra.

 Above, Al, Leslie and Len Fagen, legendary booker the much missed Coconut Teaszer Club in Hollywood, an Alternative oasis in 1980s/90s Hollywood which was the first U.S. club to give a residency to British songstress P.J. Harvey (essentially breaking her for this country) and so very many other acts I photographed from Bo Diddley to Ron Asheton.

 Below, Leslie with Donna Balancia, Editor of California Rocker and West Coast Rocker.
Leslie, Al and two of Leslie's many friends and wellwishers.

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