Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mr. Twister back in the day, fronting an ad hoc group called Sunset Blvd. in the film "Garage Sale" circa 1975, starring Goldie Glitters of The Cockettes. Goldie at the time had left the influential San Francisco transgender troupe and matriculated at Santa Monica City College, where she eventually was elected Campus Queen ("A real queen!" she'd gushed trolling for votes.) 

Stymied for a big finish, the director Norman Yonemoto polled the crew for ideas whereupon the soundman extolled he could put together a visually exciting rock group with original songs overnight, the next day they could shoot the cast dancing to them, the wild rock rhythms would cause Godzilla to arise and attack, and the roof would fall in crushing everyone, The End (Fin.)  And so it went. The resultant underground film was well reviewed in the Hollywood Reporter.

A taste of my production stills of Sunset Blvd. in the film are above and below. The what ever happened to's of the entire band reveal someone who now lives at the very top of Topanga Canyon in a lovely manse; a film production professional; a first grade public school teacher; a current deputy mayor of the city of Los Angeles; and someone deceased way too young.

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great concluding sentence.

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