Thursday, August 26, 2010


There was a time, say, 1967-2004, when any photograph of Jeff Beck from any era therein was interchangeable with any other photograph of Jeff Beck from any era therein. Not only was he one of the most influential guitarists ever, he also was one of the most consistent in his own image. Therefore when assigned to photograph his landmark tour with Stevie Ray Vaughn (photo: click LINK) I wanted to turn in something really different.

The above image, besides being black and white for the magazine's purposes was solarized, that is, a darkroom trick of allowing extra, all over light briefly to hit the photo paper after the initial visual was exposed. This develops areas that weren't supposed to be chemically developed. It was supposed to be a difficult to control process, but I banged out multiples of this image getting exactly what I wanted each time.

Besides showing Jeff Beck playing in the zone, my photo also has an otherwordly cast to its stage lighting from the oddness of the solarized black and white tones. I think it suits this most amazing of guitarists very well, and gets that zone thing down.

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