Monday, August 16, 2010


An outtake of mine for a magazine cover circa 1998, this shot featured offspring of famed music personages who carved out their own styles as well as careers. Left: son of Glyn Johns (producer of the Stones' Sticky Fingers) Ethan Johns, himself now the acclaimed producer for Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams and slew of popular artists with actual taste; right: Chris Stills, singer/songwriter/guitarist with several major label releases, son of Stephen Stills (see
LINK and 1967 LINK) and tres famous, beautiful French pop chanteuse Veronique Sanson (hers a wondrously alliterative name for a Gallic singer, as Sanson rhymes with "chanson," French for "song.") Chris kindly suggested that my lost skills in the French language would reappear were I reunited with native speakers thereof on a more regular basis.

Check out the way cool guitars they brought! Chris said his was gift from Dad.

Veronique Sanson, still gorgeous, performing:

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