Saturday, August 21, 2010

LITTLE CAESAR: this time it IS different

Little Caesar, live at Brixton's, Redondo Beach CA, 7/31/10. Why they remain one of L.A.'s greatest bands elaborated here LINK but live they so kick it up unlimited notches, sounding even better than they did twenty years ago, which proved pretty motherf--king fun back then!
Now freed from corporate fetters (they released three major label albums back in the day, and were terminally misunderstood by TPTB who tried to slot them into interchangeable hair metal,) they can showcase their real strengths: world class singing, all monster players, individuality of appearance, great original repertoire laced with a smattering of worthy soul covers, and much onstage camaraderie and playful banter, making them the bad-boys-next-door instead of glum/pretentious metal gods. This is why the ladies always were right there for Little Caesar as well as the Kerrang guy crowd, and these happily married family men still get propositioned on Facebook to this day. (So much for the major label dismissing their collective image.)

LINK is where you can obtain their all new material cd or downloads for "Redemption."
Check the normal avenues for their classic releases.

The ladies always love Little Caesar!

"Supersonic," an ultra- catchy, upbeat hard rocker one could envision as the rare likeable song in a major television ad campaign, is the standout of an already excellent set and one of their newest compositions, always a healthy sig


Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather. As always, the perceptions that make your observational eye that see the energy behind the matter is still acutely focused.....and that's why you are so good at what you do as a photographer.

It's not always easy to have... people see the greater message in what one tries to convey. As a band, we always tried to walk the line between rough and smooth, both musically and visually. It wasn't an easy thing to convey. I am really grateful that is evident as to how much we enjoy what we do and who we do it with. That includes you specifically, as well as our fans in general. The warmth, support and understanding of the listener is an integral part of good music.

-Ron Young (singer, Little Caesar)

Fast Film said...

Thank you Ron, and you've touched upon one of my favorite topics in the arts, that there is no cognitive dissonance in creativity. Yourselves and our colleagues who are the best at what they do engender two seemingly contradictory qualities at the same time: universal and personal, wild and disciplined, and as you point out, rough and smooth.

I've never understood why insofar as we artists are comfortable with this and audiences are comfortable with this, that the business people responsible for getting our works out to that audience think we communicating in Martian or something!

Anonymous said...

That's because business people suffer from what I call the Benjamin Franklin theory: Benjamin Franklin merely "discovered" electricity, he did not invent it. Business folks forget that they "discover" something and then they think it's their job to change it or alter it as they see fit. Yet Benjamin knew that electricity is electricity and it is not created, just harnessed and it should be respected for what it is and if you don't, you're gonna get shocked!
-Ron Young

Anonymous said...

They certainly delivered the goods...
-Dire McCain

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