Tuesday, February 2, 2016


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To Suze
From Iggy

I heard you're a Stooge nut, so am I. That will never change. I know you know Andy Peabody. He is a righteous gent. I'm thinking of you, etc etc and other mushy stuff. 

Love always from me. Iggy Fucking Pop - hope this gets to you
It sure did, and it's good to share a great deed in the midst of a bittersweet situation. Yesterday Iggy Pop sent the above, dare I say, awesome note, email and selfie photo to Suze Copley who has incontestibly serious health concerns. I know she deserves this recognition heartily. 

I met Suze in Ann Arbor at the Iggy and The Stooges' Tribute to Ron Asheton show in 2011. Suze/Suzanne/Suzette makes an appearance as "Babette" in my photo-essay about the adult version of being a fan within my documentation of Iggy and The Stooges' Ann Arbor MI Tribute to Ron Asheton show in 2011, in the section about "E.R. Joe."( Click LINK .) Below is a rather dynamic selfie by Suze of "E.R. Joe" and her holding Iggy aloft mid stage dive at that gig, the Ig floating through the crowd like the prow of a ship parting the ocean waters...

...and here's the proud recipient herself. 
I printed the email message and pic, plus had it framed for her. 
People seriously ailing require commemorative visuals right next to their beds!

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Jackie M. said...

Well deserved tribute, and very nice to see all the effort, of those involved! <3

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