Sunday, February 21, 2016


Our adventures 2.11.16 as follows at the Los Angeles' Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contempory at MOCA, (Museum of Contemporary Art in the downtown district,) an event that was free to the public and sporting as much art as indie art books...  



Francis Van Maele from Ireland by way of Belgium with Antic-Ham from Ireland by way of Seoul with their Franticham Red Fox Press Polaroid-type/instant pic books much prized by my better half Mr. Twister and found at LINK*, and Mr. Twister's Polaroid/instant pic of them in the foreground; Mr. Twister pausing from taking his KONICA instant pics.


An Art Dog in front of El Segundo Records' display; 
my best spotted find-- Brigid Polk's trip books in this instance of body part imprints alongside sketches and observations, circa her Andy Warhol era: price for the collection of 6 books was $30,000 as they are one of a kind. 


 Left, a book in which I personally am thanked, Fucked Up and Photocopied: instant art of the punk rock movement displayed next to our pal Jeff Gold's book; right, Gary Panter's  art installation of "make your own plasticene bong." I may have been the first person to pay him (for my Punk Rock 'n' Roll book illustrations) back in 1977. There was intentional double-dipping to give him a boost besides showcasing: first A&M Records (the publisher) paid him, then I paid him so I could take the illustrations home. He later thanked me on on FB for helping him to survive then.


Lindsay Anderson ephemera, left: right, amusing self-published books by my former art teacher Ed Ruscha (Royal Road Test documents throwing a Royal typewriter out of a speeding car in the desert.) We have his Record Collection (self-explanatory,) Royal Road Test and Every Building on the Sunset Strip (circa 1966. At least I hope we do. It's his most valuable and I hope it wasn't stolen as it can't be located of late.) 


books by the recently deceased Chris Burden (see LINK**); right,
Mr. Twister in front of his own Iggy Pop photo. He relates, "The concert promoters took the image from a magazine article no credit, no payment. When confronted, they told me to sue them." Long gone and out of business untouchable now...

Left, our pal Brad Elterman signing his newest photography book Villa La Reve and his No Dogs on Beach book for us, both available from LINK***. Besides being author of many photo books, Brad is L.A.'s most respected celebrity photographer, a hard field in which to attain that accolade; right, our pal Leigh Kaplan and spouse in the booth for their Arcana Books, specializing in rare art books (LINK****.)

Below, guest photographer © Brad Elterman: his photo of the two of us with his Panasonic.

 Below left, JUXTAPOZ booth; right, since Jesus Loves The Stooges, this was an irresistable book title hence an obvious purchase-- it's about Metal audiences at festivals in Europe; and at bottom, too much is not enough.


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