Monday, January 11, 2016


And then there was one. Too much choreography--
 album release, birthday, expiration date in one week. My
friend Shel Greenberg Erba wrote,"This (Bowie) album
changed my life." Not every popstar inspires people
so. And when it all began, it was all brand, spankin'
 new, that music and those fun personas. I photographed
 him live in 1972, Santa Monica Civic auditorium. I art-directed
his "ISOLAR" tour concert program, and he was a difficult 
employer, eventually removing my name from the credits.  
I'll just quote a member of the band Coba Seas' private
 observation on the previous blog entry: 
"This post went from joy to sorrow. 
Hug your loved ones out there."

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