Thursday, January 14, 2016



Lemmy of Motorhead, David Bowie and now Alan Rickman, the curse of the three deaths. Age 69, cancer. Rickman always has been one of my favorite ever actors to watch, always presenting fascinating, unique and different portrayals with "that voice" and those hands. 

Most fun role to watch if you don't mind getting teary and sniffley half the time: Truly Madly Deeply, above right pic (photographer unknown) with Juliette Stevenson, wherein he plays a very tactile ghost of her musician lover, come back to help her move on from debilitating grief. Pretty humorous in parts: his ghost friends drop in to watch her video collection and won't leave.  One great scripted observation: that the couple are/were classical musicians has no bearing on their love of all good music, like all classical musicians I'v ever met. A highlight in the film is the characters' spirited and raucously sung duet of The Walker Brothers' "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More." 

What most fans never knew: Rickman had lived with his same girlfriend he met in 1965 in school, Rima Horton Young, above left with Rickman (photographer unknown,) for the last 50 years. They wed only this last year, no doubt when illness trespassed their lives to simplify any inheritances, because heretofore they were content to be the unconventional, living together couple. He was the world famous and well-loved actor, she was the liberal politician and Economics lecturer at university. Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. 

For happier thoughts, enjoy 2 minutes and 18 seconds of superb comedic acting from Alan Rickman, not forgetting Miss 10:30 and Miss 10:45 (bring a friend.)*


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