Monday, December 29, 2014


 Puppy playdate 12.27.14: above, when they said running with your sighthound is good exercise, this may not have been what they meant. Joel carries on, Lily the Lab hastens to observe; below, Gia chases an Irish Wolfhound, junior division.
  Below, Paul, owner of Lily the Labrador Retriever springs for his own National Geographic reality television show.

Left, Pooh and Piglet 
the Irish Wolfhound puppies find a rare moment of peace; Gia the Scottish Deerhound of course moves in for the attack.

Before the fun and games, we see the Royal Hunting Hound of Scotland, bred for centuries to take down the Highland Stag, going after little tweetybirds at our backyard bird feeder, below...

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