Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Before we resume with the rock and roll, a few random takes with three pics by guest photographer © 2014 Kurt Ingham.  Above, niece Zaz, your humble photojournalist and dogs at Thanksgiving. Puppy has already outgrown this red harness, and Sally Stevens captioned the photo at left with dialogue-- Sarahbelle: "Here we go!" Gia: " 'Must eat 
the hedge!"  

 Below, impromptu playdate with two Irish Wolfhound puppies 12.10.14. First, the greeting, then the milling around and then the chasing...


Below, quite a find: the finest descriptive copy on a wine bottle ever.  Pure jabberwocky!

Below, guest photographer © 2014 Kurt Ingham again. 
This appears to be the One Child Left Behind...

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