Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Presenting the kind of local band that won't be local too much longer. 
 10.11.14 at El Cid Club, Los Angeles, herewith Dr. Boogie-- bigtime talent, bigtime A-list rock and roll sound. 

They are one of the best "new" bands I've ever encountered in all my forty-year+ career. (Rock couturier Evita Corby and I once walked in on the last two songs of a previous incarnation and with this scant evidence I surmised the exact same thing.) This time they debuted their new self-titled EP songs, were on fire as players, and really put out for the audience throughout the whole set.

It would be an oversimplification to pigeonhole their sound. A near miss would be sorta like The Faces rumble with the Stones but nice 'n' LOUD, with Chuck Berry cheering them on and drummers Jerry Nolan of the NY Dolls and his chum Micky Waller of the original Jeff Beck Group smiling down from heaven. Jaunty songs sported amusing lyrics and far more textures than first hearings implied. All four bandmembers are sonically important.

The band are: Chris P- lead vocals, guitar; Dustin James- guitar, vocals; Jeff Turpin- bass, vocals; Luis Herrera- drums. Catch 'em in venues the size of El Cid while you still can.

Here's some Dr. Boogie music for ya  
More band info here: LINK

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