Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I use my 48 years of music photography archives in my work, otherwise the past justs sits there in the past for me.  I wouldn't give it a thought except for fact-checking. The present is just as exciting as those wild rock and roll days of yore in no small part because I'm doing better work than ever. I embrace new stuff that suits me so there's no possibility of burnout. 

The only lingering trade-off is that I must be braver about carrying on despite some physical problems here and there. My aging seems to bother more people around me a lot more than it does me. I worry about my friends and loved ones but the only personal fear factors remain disability, all funds disappearing (don't ask,) or dementia. ( My friend Mary of THE DOGS piped up "Blind, broke and crazy-- that sounds like a country song!" ) Otherwise it can all be worked through.

Above photos, a thank you from filmmaker Amy D'Allessandro in the credits of her documentary dvd included in the forthcoming solo album James Williamson Re-Licked which is a fairly current representation of yours truly 2014; dishabille' after a Hollywood night shooting Glam rockers in 1975 with my first sighthound, the Russian Wolfhound Lucretia Borzoi as a puppy.

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