Friday, December 3, 2010

LITTLE CAESAR, THE HANGMEN- LIVE at the Cat Club, 11.27.10

L-R: Joey Brasler, Tom Morris, Ron Young, Fidel Paniaqua, Loren Molinare
Double Trouble! No, not the late Stevie Ray Vaughn and Lou Ann Barton of the original ensemble, but a rare fabulous double bill of terrific, enduring, hardest rock bands- Little Caesar (see links) and The Hangmen, appearing at Hollywood's The Cat Club Nov. 27, 2010. Little Caesar (photos above and below) feature genuinely strong, tight players and the genuinely strong, soul-drenched, emotive vocals of singer Ron Young who proved to be in a playful mood as follows in my devolving photos of their set.

Below, Fidel and Loren (also of L.A./Detroit's legendary The Dogs see links ) fill out Little Caesar's vocal assault

Below, worthy new guy, Joey
Below, Ron tries the direct approach to the sound crew regarding perceived inadequacies of the singer's microphone volume level
Hey, that's my job! Below, Ron outsources live band photography from onstage

Next three shots: The Hangmen (see link,) another great L.A. band from back in the late '80s day, photos featuring singer/guitarist and damned good songwriter Bryan Small with bassist Angelique Congleton

After the show, left to right: neighbors all (unusual in L.A.,) rock couture designer Evita Corby, Jim Sellars, Angelique Congleton

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