Thursday, December 16, 2010

CHUCK BOYD collection: Photog On Photog

Left to right, Julia 'Lady J' Gerard of LadyJ Fashion Designs, fellow music photographer Jim Steinfeldt cannily attired as 1965-era Bob Dylan (Cate Blanchett "I'm Not There" inspiration,) Sirius Trixon once of Sirius Trixon & the Motor City Bad Boys, all at the opening event for (late, lamented multi-decade rock photographer) Chuck Boyd's collection in a one person gallery show in Culver City CA on 12.11.10. Much more info on the show which closes in early 2011 at LINK
Above, show curator and promoter Jeff Schwartz alongside Rodney Bingenheimer with a vintage 1970 Uncle Sam-top-hatted Mick Jagger peeking out from the photograph behind them. Rodney remembers Boyd pix of the Beatles and Rolling Stones first U.S. tours for our local KRLA Beat music newspaper as do I.
Above, Powerpoint montage at the show. Chuck Boyd photographed most all the top-tier musicians between 1964 and 1979 for assorted instrument companies and media, hence the impressive access to these rarefied beings. His archive only became available to the public this very year.
Below, author and music insider Harvey Kubernik (in shades) surveys the collection. As event photographer, I lined up Chuck Boyd's surviving family for the photo at bottom: they were very grateful finally to see Chuck's archival legacy recognized and respected.

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