Saturday, December 18, 2010


Nice Thing#1. the writing on the oldskool tv series "Taxi" for actor Christopher Lloyd. His character, a burned-out homeless hippie turned marginal cabbie, once pondered whether his recently deceased father who continually voiced disapproval at him had ever loved him at all. Going through the latter's pockets on a suit jacket he inherited, he found an audiocassette (again, oldskool,) played it in wonderment at this song selection from his martinet father, sat back, silently listened and enjoyed it. The song was "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" by Stevie Wonder. There was no exposition nor dialogue. You get the picture of wish-fulfillment emotions that he was loved, whether real or a random accident of the dry cleaners, without need for dialogue. Perfect.
Nice Thing#2. The real Stevie Wonder bought and still owns a radio station in Los Angeles, KJLH, an investment that employs the local community, provides the pleasurable free service of music to all, and, because it's his football, can get his own music here and there to new demographics beyond his own age group. Perfect.

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