Saturday, January 30, 2010

LITTLE CAESAR (the band): Rox Redux

all photos (C) 1989 - 2010 Heather Harris. All Rights reserved.

Their self-description of "Ray Charles meets AC/DC" comes close enough to encapsulate the essence of Little Caesar (the band) (not the Edward G. Robinson classic gangster film) (and certainly not the fast food chain with its different spelling) who boast a dynamic, genuinely soulful singer over hardest, nastiest rock (with the occasional reflective ballad
. Hey, ya gotta look back when your band has been rocking off and on for over twenty years.)

with a new 2010 release "Redemption" sporting, on some songs, all its original members from the Golden Era of Geffen Metal (their label for their first three releases circa 1990 - 92. Remember their rockin' rearrangement of "Chain Of Fools" all over the radio?) plus some excellent new players, they sound just as superb if not even better.

Their modus operandi includes wild double lead guitars, referential soul/R&B, timber-toppling beats, arena-worthy hard-coreness, five distinct personas interacting with much playfulness onstage, and the cleverest rock lyrics since Randy Newman and Bon Scott. And they're gigging again- don't miss out this time around.

I've enjoyed photographing this great band from 1989 through Right Now. The sole cover on "Redemption" is, for wont of a better lexicon, a Hard Glam cover of "Every Picture Tells A Story," so I offer the following gallery of Little Caesar from 1989 to 2010 on this blog entry in hopes that it displays their unique bad-boy-next-door camaraderie as well as all-out devotion to their unique music.


Anonymous said...

The info you posted is not correct. there will be a second cover on the official release of the cd. it will be Woodstock from Crosby stills and Nash which Joni Mitchell wrote. they are remixing the cd again and that was yesterday is not on the album.
Little Caesar has matured on redemption by realizing that it's not about being rich and famous but about being comfortable in there own skin. Little Caesar pick up right where they left off after 1999 this time it's different (produced by another ex guitarist Earl slick of John Lennon fame.) which was a collection of demos and b-sides.
Little Caesar have self produced the new album Redemption giving them the freedom to let the music speak for it self. Leaving the tracks raw and untouched. giving the album a raw 70's sleaze garage band feel. the philosophy going into the studio was why fix what isn't broken. what you hear is what you get live is the motto. plus after playing the same songs for almost two decades it was time to add some new fuel into this finally tuned machine.
so if you like good melodic hard rock with killer vocals little Caesar is for you. that is my review!

Retro Kimmer said...


Fast Film said...

I forgot to mention for the sake of the Caesar-uninitiated: yes, that's their singer Ron Young with a great cameo in "Terminator 2" portraying, with no need for makeup tats, the biker thrown out the bar window by Arnie.

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