Wednesday, July 1, 2015


THE DOGS debuted new songs from their forthcoming Smelvis Records' release Ain't Going Nowhere while shooting a video for same at Blue Bag Records in Echo Park CA. A select crowd of friends and other invitees were then treated to a full set from this always unbelievably dynamic hardest rock trio. For more information on this legendary Detroit/L.A. band who have rocked from the battle lines of 1960s to right now, peruse my musings at LINK or skip to band history codification at LINK.

THE DOGS are: 
Loren Molinare, guitar,
lead vocals;
Mary Kay, bass, vocals;
Tony Matteucci, drums, vocals 

With a fabulous cineaste pun for his own production company-- True/Faux Films-- director Drew Echo had spent the week filming with the band at various locations, including the domicile of Mr. Twister and yours truly where my real life mother had a cameo role as a harridan tormenting a hapless Mary Kay.

Above 2x, model/fashion icon Brenda Starr Light, Mary Kay and Leslie Knauer of the band Naked Hand Dance she fronts with her husband Al Teman. Mary and Tony Matteucci performed with Leslie (still beloved from her Precious Metal days) for a decade in the popular band Kanary which released a half dozen cds and EPs.

 Above, rock couturier Evita Corby is seen with Loren's wife, landscape designer Julie Scher Molinare, then with longtime Dogs' fan Stan Gullo and Loren Molinare. Product placement is a prior Dogs' LP Fed Up on Bacchus/Dionysus which features welcome re-releases of powerful Dogs recordings from the 1970s.

Left, BFFs Mary and Leslie; right, writer Paula Tiberius and Brenda Starr Light


Below (photographer unknown) your humble photojournalist, Mary Kay and Leslie Knauer

Below, Mike Hudson, Tony Mattuecci, Leslie Knauer, Mary Kay, Loren Molinare

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