Friday, April 1, 2011


The above rollicking rootsrock via Blighty songfest depicted herein came courtesy of The Michael Des Barres Band, live 3.25.11 at Three Club, Hollywood. Exuberant frontman Des Barres we all know from arena-fillers Power Station, the original Glam era's Silverhead, Detective, his ex Ms. Pamela, and his ongoing acting career as the industry's go-to guy to play edgy rockers or edgy anything. (Don't scoff, the late Steve Marriott, he of the mighty lungs for The Small Faces and Humble Pie, also began show biz as a child actor.)

Lots of audience interaction from the band, good taste in retro-referencing via classic soul and Faces-esque pub rock, tasty keyboards, overall good show. Michael Des Barres, vocals, guitar; Chris Henry, guitar; Paul Ill, bass; Chris Joyner, keyboards; David Goodstein, drums

"Calling out to ye Rock Gods!"
Above, job well done.
Photo Op section below, left to right: rocker clothing designer Evita Corby, Des Barres and his lady Britta Morgan Hayertz (and during the performance, pic at bottom)
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