Friday, March 12, 2010

"THE RUNAWAYS" film premiere, last names only

It was nice seeing the triumph of so many L.A. icons in person last night at the Hollywood premiere of "The Runaways" movie: director Sigismondi with rocker husband Berlin, actors Stewart and Fanning, rockstars Jett and Currie, DJ Bingenheimer, even fellow photographers Elterman and Santisi (I was on holiday so no pix, just enjoying the event as the plus one of friend/colleague Kubernik whom Jett thanked last night for helping her to remain on the planet.) I came away mightily impressed with the young leads' performances particularly Stewart disappearing into the Jett persona, the authentic set design and costuming, being able to hear my own '70's on the soundtrack- that of the Stooges, Britrock, glam and punk rather than the era's mellowmush or disco chart hits- while I guffawed along with the audience at actor Shannon's hilarious (if disgusting-ish) turn as Fowley. Yes, it showed the bad, the controversial and the questionable along with the good.

P.S. Kubernik worked with the actual Runaways back in the day, and I photographed the very first incarnation of them playing live at the Whisky A Gogo in 1975, photo above, that featured bassist Steele of the future Bangles as lead singer instead of Currie or Jett. P.P.S. Trivia not covered in the film: unportrayed Runaways' bassist Fox graduated in the same Harvard Law School class as President Obama.

Bad, double-vision grab shot of the producers, cast, crew and real life characters taken from my reserved seat with snapshot camera in purse. Director Sigismondi in white jacket is between Jett, center, and Currie.

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good job, Harris!

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