Monday, February 15, 2010


photo (C) 1967
Heather Harris.
All Rights Reserved.

This is the first photo I took of a live rock show, Buffalo Springfield at the Shrine Auditorium,
1967 depicting guitarists Richie Furay in a custom tailored shirt probably made from a bedspread from India courtesy of Home Silk Shop, (always the hippest locale in L.A. in the mid-60's to spot the rockstars, who flocked there with their custom tailors since cool stage clothes were always bespoke,) and Steven Stills who need no introduction. I also had a nice one of Neil Young of same in his jacket with 4' fringe.

Tech notes:
As a beleaguered teen with martinet parents, I had to concoct duplicity to get out of the house in the first place, get a ride to the Shrine Auditorium with friends, carefully count my pennies to have afforded a roll of film that had 12 possible frames and 6 flashbulbs with which to carefully plan my shots. This was taken with an Instamatic, a fairly primitive snapshot camera of the era. It was black and white because that was cheaper film for the teenaged me to purchase.

Later I would borrow better cameras for events until I bought the cantankerous Edixa with the damn pre-set lenses and no instructions from the estate of a cameraman. This led to a hasty purchase of 35mm Nikon soon thereafter.

1967, I trust the outcome of Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" theory of 10,000 hours of previous experience + talent = success will be evident in my current live stage shots.

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