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It's the one year anniversary of the live reunion of PRECIOUS METAL (photo feature held back to let the beneficiary charity, Chemowize Foundation [see LINK] have the greatest initial coverage spread.)

  This gig was not only a gift to those present at the rare occasion but also vicariously to Australia, New Zealand and all who have been continual fans of Precious Metal‬, everyone's favorite all-female metal band.  After a 20 year plus absence, Precious Metal reunited on October 25, 2014 with all its original members (Leslie Knauer, vocals, guitar; Janet Robin, guitar; Alex Peterson, bass; and Carol 'Control' Duckworth, drums (too much geography stymied absent Mara Fox) to headline the Save The Tatas breast cancer benefit at The Mint in West Hollywood CA, utterly sold out of course. The raucous but joyous occasion was organized by cancer survivor Alex Peterson.

Not being one of those 'save the best for last' types I immediately offer two of the show's biggest highlights. Above, actor/director/Monkee Mickey Dolenz jams on "Daydream Believer" and " Stepping Stone" with P. Metal; below Leslie's boyfriend Al Teman unexpectedly proposes marriage to her in the middle of the set whilst all around them cheer! She said yes, and the wedding subsequently took place just after Christmas, December, 2014.


Alex's daughter Elle was part of the backup singing group Triple Threat.
Below, badass guitar whiz Janet Robin ingests her guitar a la Hendrix while her father, who has attended all of her local gigs since forever, stage-invades to dance with Leslie.
Many friends of the band appeared at this benefit. Below, a one off reunion of Kanary, Leslie's power trio with Tony Matteucci and Mary Kay, both of THE DOGS. Kanary astounded audiences for twelve years with their hard rock proficiency and Leslie's prolific, eclectic songwriting. They released half a dozen CDs to much acclaim. 

Below, Leslie's daughter, "Boycrazy" actress Alexi Wasser (LINK and LINK) offers refreshments onstage.

Precious Metal founder, original drummer Susette Andres jams with Leslie and Alex.  

Below, Ali Handal, another guitar whiz and another survivor with ties to similar charities, shredding! She also is pictured revealing the spandex she wore under her skirt, noting its essentialness for any gig harkening back to 1980s artists.

Left, jam with Alex Peterson, Kelly Zirbes, Tony Matteucci, Mary Kay, Susette Andres, Donna Sweikow and others. Below, Brie Howard, drummer of the trailblazing 1970s band Fanny. A few no-shows on the marquee card (below left) didn't diminish the festivities one iota.


Above left, drummer Johnny Ray and author, broadcast radio DJ, screenwriter Nikki Palomino. Right: Carol Control and Leslie Knauer backstage.
Left: beauteous trio Mary Kay of THE DOGS, Leslie Knauer, Victoria Randall of Triple Threat. Below, a radiant Leslie backstage...

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