Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 favorites, THE MICHAEL DES BARRES BAND and THE RAW ROWER RANGERS together at last

From Silverhead to Silverlake (LINK and LINK,) the rollicking Michael Des Barres Band rocked and rallied in full cry at the Silverlake Lounge with harmonica sitter-in Jimmy Wood, headlining a 9.8.11 show opened by, amongst others, our favorite Stooges' tribute band The Raw Power Rangers.

Paul Ill

Above, David Arnson dances
the Barres band, having
back into himself
from his earlier persona

in the Raw Power Rangers.

As "Iggy Pop," the silver opera-gloved Arnson was obsessed with the floor for much of the evening, an amusing take on the legendarily unpredictable antics of his namesake circa 1970. Don Bolles (the Germs, countless others and normally this combo's drummer) became guitarist "Ron Asheton" for the Raw Power Rangers' offering of Funhouse, the Stooges' second LP. Andrew Scott as "James Williamson" sat in to do his blistering version of "I Gotta Right" as the set's big finish.
Still obsessed with the floor.

PHOTO OPS Section:
Above, Andrew Scott ("James Williamson" of the
Raw Power Rangers and Evita Corby (one who would know.)

Below, Kim Fowley expounds in front of
the young lady who toted MDBB bassist
Paul Ill's birthday cake onstage.

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