Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey ladies! GRETCHEN BONADUCE and NOEL LAUNE let it rip !

Gretchen Bonaduce and her band Ankhsenamen tore through an all retro set of '70s and '80s fare Jan. 30th at the Whisky A GoGo while ever so appropriately attired in VH-1 Classic Devo-wear, The Cure makeup, punk-shredded high style and Walk Like An Egyptian headdresses (with a sober aside from onstage to that country's current turmoil.) Notable in the Ankh-etc. band were the talents of Alyson Montez, its purple-tressed electric violinist.

Photo op, right: Gretchen's business partner in Countess Couture, rock threads designer Evita Corby shown with her good friend John Barrymore.

Pictured below, letting it rip at a public-invited showcase Jan. 29th for Warner Brothers Music, singer/songwriter/keyboardist Noel Laune fronting her band at Beverly Hills' elite Aqua Lounge Night Club. Noel maintains an all-out emotional approach and writes her own pop/rock material (unusual for her demographic) with her band, a sufficiently solid rock ensemble to keep her forever rock & roll honest in a pop music scene that otherwise pushes formula conformity.

My friend since 1966 Rico Cardinale (A-List Beverly Hills hairstylist) and I loved what we called her Boom Boom Song which actually was entitled "808 Drum", a concoction of almost unthinkably appealing catchiness. Of course absolutely everyone else there, even the band's non-blood relations, loved it too, it just can't be helped. For more info on this artist, go to LINK.

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