Monday, October 25, 2010


There always were such butch shots of the makeup-less, short-haircutted Justine Frischmann out and about in the music media that, contrarily, I wanted to photograph the feminine side she actually presented while performing with Elastica, her mid to late '90s, 3-women/1-bloke alternapunk Britpop band. She was primary songwriter/singer/guitarist in same, and successful at it.

Elastica had: instant recognition from Justine's close personal friendliness with Britstar of the hour Blur's Damon Albarn; a chart hit or two in both the U.K, and U.S; a few band members with roles in Todd Haynes' Glam nostalgia film "Velvet Goldmine;" and a great (if disputed) sound (there were actual out of court settlements with some of the bands' heroes.) Drug problems, the usual betrayals, breakup and pop oblivion ensued such that I had to explain who they were to you.

She then wrote songs for pal M.I.A. After a surprising career change to voice-over narrator on British television, Justine later relocated to Boulder, Colorado for serious art studies and met her future husband Dr. Ian Faloona. They then relocated to San Rafael, California for Dr. Faloona's professorship in atmospheric sciences at U.C. Davis and no doubt the Bay Area art scene's resources for Justine. Fine Art had become her full time vocation, and she's considered a viable modern Abstract artist. Frischmann's most recent show, "Mother Tongue", opened in San Francisco in June 2010.

'Glad she's still expressing herself well.

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Unknown said...

i know full well justine/elastica... and i am SO glad you took such an amazing photo.
it's so true what you wrote - about the 'maleness' of the photos that were presented to the public. it became strange to see justine in anything girlie.
but what's also true was the pure sex that poured off that girl onstage. i remember being so taken aback by that... and even more intrigued.
they are very missed by some of us - i'm glad to hear that justine is still doing something artsy.

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