Monday, July 12, 2010


The Roxy, Hollywood, band called The Dead Milkmen from Philly. My photo demonstrates the difficulty associated with documenting punk acts for posterity: one can't be close to the stage lest one as short as I get trampled, one's contact lenses forcibly ejected or one's expensive equipment necesary for livelihood smashed. I opted for crashing the VIP riser above it all until I myself was forcibly ejected. And this was a press assignment
Next to the "Great White North" Doug and Bob McKenzie Action Figures (note tiny little half-eaten donuts, back bacon and empty beer bottles) are two Gary Panter paintings, illustrations for my 1978 Punk Rock & Roll book, which I believe was the first time he was paid for his excellent work, and paid twice at that, once for commercial usage and once for purchase for my private collection. Panter later was tapped for Art Director of Pee Wee's Playhouse tv series, and garnered a Time Magazine cover illustration. I can pick 'em.

Displayed in our living room of course.

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