Thursday, April 20, 2023


(The whole family minus my horse Janeway depicted herein: my better half Mr. Twister, Gia the Scottish Deerhound, Livia the Borzoi, Bella the Golden Retriever, and yours truly, in our back yard of our 1912 farmhouse in a deceptively slummy part of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.) Here is what Mr. Twister wrote about his recent purchase of a stunningly elegant 2009 convertible Bentley motorcar:

        "Last fall I got some great news about my Stage 4 cancer - and this is an early bucket list result! 

Nice enough to look good, but enough nicks and scratches that I don't worry "(too much) about driving it. Only 450bhp, but 645 ft. torque. Redline is a blistering 4500 rpm."

-Kurt Ingham, April, 2023


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