Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Rest in peace Dr. Noah Young, musician, therapist, affirmative person with love for all. Pictured: my portrait for his album on New Alliance; screen capture as bassist in the Raging Bull film's jazz club scene with Robert DeNiro.

His serious illnesses were fought for close to a decade with two interesting results:  he acquired a great many body and facial tattoos to counter the other physical changes wrought by cancers, and also posted completely non-self-pitying diaries of all his various treatments on social media, interspersed with cogent Eastern philosophy. It was quite a journey.
He always wrote encouraging words such as "great photo, young lady!" on my Facebook page, as I imagine he did similarly and appropriately for everyone he knew.  Noah Young was just that sort of guy. His wife Alex preceded him passing away fifteen years ago: he is survived by daughter Cassie and son Cameron.

Here's an informative LINK* about his music and performance.


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