Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Bassist Paz Lenchantin of The Entrance Band, pictured above in 2010 at the Jam for Ron Asheton, Hollywood CA, replaces Kim Shattuck (The Pandoras, The Muffs) for the remainder of The Pixies touring schedule as of today's news. Pixies' spin seems to dwell on Kim's active stage presence (bouncy/friendly, known to stage dive into audience) not jibing with the band, whereas, curiously, dextrous Paz is not exactly a shrinking violet onstage herself...

According to Facebook's ebullient "Lady Astor" of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paz "...was born in seaside resort town of Mar del Plata, but she moved to Los Angeles with her parents when she was only four. Everyone here is pretty psyched about her." 

Many had been equally psyched about Shattuck, who will return to her band The Muffs. Below right are Shattuck (right) and Melanie Vammen and left, Paula Pierce, singer/songwriter/guitarist, alltogether in The Pandoras (from a teeny, tiny proof sheet) (see LINK,) iconic all femme Paisley Underground then hard rock band during its era of Shattuck's bass residency circa the late 1980s.

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