Sunday, May 15, 2011

CHAINSAW live video footage, Euro-tour 2003

Below is a snippet of the rare footage from the 2003 Chainsaw reunion Euro-tour with supplemental film production and commentary by its bassist therein, Olivier Vuille; lead vocals and aggro by my better half, Mr. Twister; and incidental music by Fellini's own scoremeister, Nino Rota. And did they rock, hell yeah! 28 years after these punk pioneers had called it quits, assorted all-ages audiences in sold out clubs all over Italy welcomed Chainsaw back ever so raucously as one can view in the video via this gig in Rome.

Momentum continued domestically. Below, my photo of one of two Chainsaw-USA reunion gigs shortly thereafter, with formidable rhythm section Mary Kay and Tony Matteucci of The Dogs happily stepping in. But destiny cannot outwit the time-space continuum of predetermined fate: once again Chainsaw broke up, according to some, for all the exact same reasons for which they broke up originally. Plus ca change, plus la meme chose (since I don't know the Italian for this maxim.)

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