Friday, March 23, 2018

DAVE DAVIES TRIUMPH LIVE at the ROXY, Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day at the Roxy, West Hollywood CA with the Dave Davies band triumphant gig for its rabidly appreciative audience. From his first "hallo!" they remained right there squarely in the palm of his hand.
Above, acoustic guitar for pensive ballads like "Young And Innocent Days," "See My Friends"

Below, backup singer/Dave's inamorata Rebecca G. Wilson gets the singalongs rolling...
 Above, the start of another tale by a master raconteur
Above left: Dennis Diken on drums, right: David Nolte on bass. 

 Dave led a power trio of former Smithereens' drummer Dennis Diken and nimble bassist David Nolte because, well, because he could, with  his chops and charisma solidly in place. Those familiar with his history know that tiffs with his fellow Kink brother Ray weren't the only battles in his life. Recovering from a stroke in the '90s, Dave's first career steps back to professional normalcy were solo album releases, then touring 2013 - 15 with acclaimed group The Jigsaw Seen as his backing band. On Valentine's Day night , a completely packed, appreciative Roxy Theatre crowd cheered this first night of Davies' first 2018 American Tour...

 Below, happy, enraptured Kinks fans

Anyone familiar with the set list below knows that the canon of Dave Davies' solo work coupled with Kinks' material dating from the mid-1960s onward guarantees a full evening of ridiculously memorial songs and ear worms.  Dave after all is one of hard rock's actual progenitors who, along with James Williamson in the early 1970s, insured the very persistence of the genre by giving it its initial form and fun in from the first five notes blasted on 1965's "You Really Got Me."

1. I Need You   2. She's Got Everything  3. Creeping Jean   4. Tired Of Waiting For You  
5. Susannah's Still Alive  6. Love Me 'Til The Sun Shines  7. See My Friends  8. Path Is Long
9. Strangers  10. Too Much On My Mind  11. Young And Innocent Days  12. This Man He Weeps Tonight  13. I Am Free 14. Death Of A Clown  15. Dead End Street  16. Living On A Thin Line  17. Wicked Annabella  18. Where Have All The Good Times Gone  19. All Day And All Of The Night  (encore) 20. I'm Not Like Everybody Else  21.  You Really Got Me

Yours truly meeting up with Rebecca G. Wilson for coffee, 
photo taken by one her sons, Desmond (a young working actor with Martin Scorsese films to his credit...)

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