Saturday, August 11, 2012


Above, left to right: Allison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of
The Kills
and photographer Kenneth Cappello, all promoting their collaborative book Dream & Drive, featuring ten years' documentation of the popular band, at BookMarc, West Hollywood 8.10.12. They happily posed with and signed books for lucky attendees.
Dream & Drive proved a bigtime media event at Marc Jacobs' BookMarc: note giant photomural of a Capello portrait from the book on the left wall.
The Kills

Tableaux above and below of the Dream & Drive book.

Guess who?
It's everyone's favorite celebrity photographer Brad Elterman,
he of numerous fun gallery showings of his insider pix from 1970s-2000s Hollywood music and film scene, and photo book of same "Like It Was Yesterday," his Ricoh GR camera playfully aimed at my D3s, and Evita Corby, couturier, stylist, longtime rock and roll insider. I loved his spontaneous response when I introduced him to her, "You're THE Evita?!?"

Brad has remained everyone's fave celebrity photog due to both his innate geniality and his personal emphasis on quality shooting for a genre frequently entirely bereft of same. He was the co-founder of Buzz Foto Agency that dealt in iconic paparazzo photographs with their emphasis of "paparazzi as an art form."

Below, THE Evita and Leanna Asheton daughter of Stooges' Scott Asheton and marketer of his Rock Action merchandise, the latter on her way to see a Jack White show and the one who alerted me to this photo op, for which I thank her.
Here's a link to Brad's work LINK and one for Dream & Drive LINK

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