Saturday, July 9, 2011

ALICE COOPER, 1971 negs destroyed

Alice Cooper during a 1971 interview at 10 in the morning,
beer bottle in hand festooned with manicured fingernails. The original photographic print was also a silhouette, but the above Xeroxed TM photocopy remains all that exists of this session. Shortly after I photographed this Alice Cooper interview while working for the student newspaper, my parents threw away every negative they could find of my rock and roll shots, impetus to move out immediately although I could little afford same while paying for my own stint at UCLA. They did not acknowledge my work ethic of getting down to business documenting rock and roll since it involved something they detested.

Thereafter, no more negatives were found and destroyed, as longtime readers here will note.
I do have a few vintage live 1970 Alice Cooper live prints that I retrieved from a publication at least, since Alice and group also opened for my future better half's band Christopher Milk in the student union building auditorium, see below. Retrokimmer has rather more 1970 photos of Alice HERE.

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