Tuesday, July 6, 2021

REESI ROCCA and MISS JJ in BE THE SUPER HERO YOU, newly published children's book

Be the Super Hero You by Reesi Rocca, a highly positive children's book for all ages is newly available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback. It features an illustrated version of Reesi and her real life cute Golden Retriever Miss JJ throughout the book, dealing with some surprisingly dark issues. Solution? They give back to their neighborhood and concentrate on doing good deeds. Balancing the bad with good is a great lesson for all, and there's nothing preachy or pretentious whatsoever, rare in children's literature. And who doesn't dream of a better life with super powers shared with their best friends/pets?


I have photographed and supported Reesi's work over the years because of the unusual arc of her endeavors: no matter how outlandishly imaginative the ideas (Michael Jackson in a flying supercar with her dog and her; music videos with stadium lights and dozens of dancing girls) she makes them happen for real. And how many wildly creative artists can say that? (all photos by me)

And here's her most elaborate video, cut&paste  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnnDlUHgqUE

was it all a green screen dream?






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