Sunday, January 8, 2012

STRAY PHOTOS 1.9.12, rock and not

Crispian Mills (son of actress Hayley Mills) in his tres popular-in-the-90s BritBand Kula Shaker (which my better half Mr. Twister wants to equate with Tupac Shakur as separated at birth twins. He also thinks Ray Charles and Prince Charles were separated at birth. This household lives a whimsical existence sometimes.) Crispian and crew idolized George Harrison-style retro-psychedelia, and even provided apropos additional music in the same oeuvre for the re-release of "Wonderwall" (the original, arty 1960s film with Jane Birkin and The Fool scored by Harrison.)

Above, Tairrie B and Acacia for the cover of their alt-dance-pop duo Bardeux. The singer on the left made her entrance by handing me a business card proclaiming "Tairrie B, Girl Extraordinaire." (I was impressed. Hey, she had me at the business card gesture.) She later punked out with a band called Man Hole. The stylists took longer than my photography session.

Above, pre-digital era proof sheet including my submitted pick encircled of the late singer/songwriter Luther Vandross, possibly at the Sports Arena, Los Angeles, 1992? It was pushed fast film: now Kodak itself is in its death throes.

Above, a superb singer, American-born Erin Perry, currently Germany's best hard rock female vocalist with the band Rad Pack amongst myriad other projects. (See LINK). This is an oldskool color xerox (since I lack a decent print) of an early '90s L.A. performance wherein she wore this cool leather jacket obtained from Loren Molinare of The Dogs.

The above were a Bomp Records' signed band called... Ten Tons of Lies or Ten Tons of Sobs or something similar. Yes, it's all my 1960s magazines as props, but I was impressed with their attention to retro-details. In the 1980s no less!

Below, the late Danny Sugarman, he of The Doors' legacy promotion, reading some of his work at a Spoken Word performance probably produced by Harvey Kubernik. Memory-wise, I did an do have need of an amanuensis for personal photographic timeline archiving's sake, don't I?
Below, Steve Winwood performing 1991 (copyright was stamped on the back of this print.)

Some non-music-related work below: I not only upped the color vibrancy but also selected a slower shutter speed for panning blur to get the effect of motion for this graceful Arabian gelding in a Los Angeles Equestrian Center all-Arabian Horse show. This was one of my first times shooting digital, the idea being to get used to the sea change by photographing fun things in low light (it was an indoor arena) that weren't commissioned therefore leaving room for experimentation.
At bottom, our now 100 year old house as of last autumn (yes, we occasionally sport fall color in SoCal and our domicile is indeed green and purple, it's not Photoshopped TM.)

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